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Tiana Hines

At an early age Tiana recognized how a painted fingernail or a glossy lip made the females around her walk and speak with confidence. That visual shaped her love of makeup and set her on a path to becoming a much sought after professional makeup artist. Since her first encounter with makeup she has realized the power, beauty, and art it possesses and how it can transform a person into different personalities. Whether Tiana is simply applying a polished looked to a naturally gorgeous face or transforming the shy to jazzy, the meek to bold, and the demure to fierce, she does so with the specific needs of each client in mind.

After honing her skills on friends and family, Tiana began her career as a makeup artist in 1995 at a local cosmetic counter for MAC Cosmetics in Brooklyn NY. When she finished the makeup of her very first client she felt that she had found her calling. Since then she has had the opportunity to travel all over the United States to share her expertise with aspiring makeup artists and various clients. Graduating from Christian Valmy makeup program in NYC. Tiana still finds time for bridal and fashion shows and of course her clients who have followed her through the years.

“Being a makeup artist is a ministry in itself. I strive to make everyone feel more beautiful than before. God has blessed me with an amazing gift and he has allowed my profession to be a positive force in my life. Makeup is my love, my passion, my calling….”