Robert Righter - KalonImaging

Robert Righter

Robert Righter hails from Saint Petersburg, Florida. Once he discovered that the fantastic images seen on TV and in movies in the 1960’s were created by artists and technicians; he set out to learn how to learn how to duplicate and create his own sets, special effects, miniatures and, of course; makeup.

With copies of Famous Monsters, and his Dick Smith Guide to Makeup, and the encouragement of his parents; he began to experiment on family and friends.

After an injury during military service, he entered the aerospace world as a mechanical designer for the space program; working on such projects as the “Star Wars” program, space shuttle, manned maneuvering unit, and finally; the HL-20 shuttle replacement, now renamed Dreamchaser.

About this time, his interest in makeup reemerged. With renewed enthusiasm from his family and friends, Robert retrained himself the help of several classes in stage makeup, colleagues and instruction from Rob Burman’s course. A chance meeting in 1990 led to full time employment with Disguises Unlimited, providing props for theme parks, haunted houses and various television and film projects. He has even provided assistance on an instructional video, demonstrating various makeup techniques.

Robert works part time for Candlelight FX, and is also an accomplished graphic artist, and musician. Now, he brings his thirty years of experience and imagination to Kalon.

Robert's motto is: “Success is stagnation; experimentation comes from failure, which leads to innovation.”