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Vintage Extravaganza Photography Event

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The Kalon Imaging Team is coming together to bring you a series of one of a kind modeling photography events. Incorporating some of the local scene’s most unique venues, talented designers, makeup artists, body painters and set artists, our events will provide a safe, creative and collaborative environment for skills to be developed and portfolios to be built.
All skill levels are welcome.
We provide guidance for beginners and freedom for professionals to play on their own style. Push your envelope to the limit and join us for a day of fun and creativity.

For this instance we have been lucky enough to be invited to collaborate with the fantastic people of Gallopsville Photography Studios. Scott Gallop and his father have been collecting little slices of Americana for over 30 years and now they are making it available as a photography studio. The property features a vast outdoors shooting area complete with it s own trading post, a vintage gas station, antique cars and much more. It also features a vast indoor studio with the capacity to roll vehicles in and out of it and a variety of backdrops and lightings. Overall it is an amazing property with a multitude of shooting areas guaranteed to create outstanding images. We will also have the honor of collaborating with some of the bay areas best makeup artists and designers. This month we have: Neva Durham, owner of Neva "the Diva" Designs ,and Rebeca George from Demona Kaine Artistry on makeup and Jessica Misitano and her assistant on hair. Thank you all for making this possible.

What you can expect:

Whether you are new to modeling or have experience, there is always something new at our events. Expect to meet and work with many photographers with many different styles and alongside many other models. For beginners, we offer a workshop the morning of the event that you can sign up to help you be comfortable by the time of the shoot. Everyone, please don’t forget your business cards for networking or any other means by which to exchange information with photographers. Make sure to do this before each shoot starts so you know how to get your images. It is your responsibility to get the photographer’s information and agree on a delivery method. Bring several different outfits. One or two that match the theme, but also anything else that you would like to add to your portfolio including clothing options, accessories, shoes, etc. Our wardrobe assistants will help you decide what is best to wear and our makeup artists and body painters will help to make you look like a shining star. Please do basic hair and makeup prior to your arrival unless otherwise directed by a makeup artist. Also, please remember to tip your artists whenever it is possible. By the end of the event, you will have worked with over a dozen photographers while wearing several different outfits, meaning you will have literally hundreds of photos to add to your portfolio all in one afternoon.

There is something to be enjoyed and learned by all at our events. For the beginner and amateurs, we provide shooting groups of up to 4 people that photographers can join. Each group will have an experienced staff member in it to guide the dynamic and answer any questions you may have while working on your images. Think of it like a guided tour. The group goes to a set together with a model and we take turns in an orderly fashion taking photos in our different styles. This is great for anyone that would like a little bit of help with their photos or anyone that would like to just go with the flow of the ride and experience others styles as well. If you are more experienced, or if you simply like to march to the sound of your own drum, don’t worry. You can also shoot independently as you see fit throughout the day. There will be models and sets at your disposal for you to choose from. The only thing we ask is that you please rotate sets/models and allow for the flow to continue fluidly and that you treat the models with the utmost respect. For all skill levels, working alongside many different styles will help to broaden your style and add new techniques learned in the collaborations. Please make sure to bring plenty of business cards to give to each model you work with and for overall networking. Also any photography release forms you may need. It is your responsibility to make it clearly known to the models where they can get their images and to follow through in delivering them as well as their rights relative to these images. Please feel free to bring your own lighting rigs of any kind. Some of our sets will have lights, some will use natural lighting. Our staff can help you set up and move your lights to the different sets. At the end of the day, you will have had the opportunity to work in a professional environment with a broad selection of models and other photographers. It will make for a strong addition to your portfolio as well as adding many new techniques to your repertoire and allowing for many networking opportunities.

We look forward to making art with all of you soon! ♥